Chevrolet Cobalt tips

So, let’s start with the appearance of this car, but it turned out to be rather peculiar, do not confuse it with the old predecessor, "Cobalt" which was a sports car and was produced until 2009-2010. Well, about the bolts not screwed around, the glove compartment constantly opening on small irregularities, the creaking of the instrument panel after 3 thousand runs and the constantly leaving antifreeze, I generally keep quiet.) In total, I calculated that for 20,000 runs, in addition to gasoline, rubber wear, insurance and transport tax, I spent a quarter. (TO replace pads antifreeze similarity collapse diagnostics, all this is not included in the guarantee) I thought that I spent 70,000 thousand kilometers on LOGAN, the same money, And the cobolt seems to have a chain, there should be less costs, but I feel that if I can’t sell it, then by 70,000 km I’ll spend almost a hundred, if not more. 06/26/2013 I’m bastard. The automatic transmission here deserves special attention, since there are no special complaints about it, it switches pretty cool, but all Cobalt is not a sports car anyway, but taking it on the machine just slows down the car, automatic transmission should probably be chosen only for operation in the city, and if you are still more active and more often go out into nature, it is better to pay attention to the manual transmission. Now it’s worth talking about the trunk, here "Cobalt" is the undisputed leader 520 liters and with a full spare wheel! This very objectively emphasizes
the purpose of the car is that it should be family friendly, that you can safely load 3 bags of potatoes into it, fold the stroller and put more bags and at the same time take the whole family and comfortably reach the destination. 10/23/2013 Guys, I got it, I bought Koba on your advice, I took the simplest base without ABS, I ride it in a taxi, now the mileage is 20 thousand, I will have to sell it, it is very expensive in obs. more Huge trunk, which is important to me. The rattle has already gone through the metal, I’m afraid I’ll ruin the disks, but they probably generally cost space. Of course, the assembly was not very pleased – burrs on the plastic, the plastic itself is cheap, there were already scratches on the body and in the cabin, but these are all trifles. Yes, huge headlights are good lighting, but it’s still not clear why they were made in such sizes as on minibuses. Three people can easily fit in the back rows, in general, Cobalt’s interior without any complaints, they would only add an armrest, it’s just not even in the options. It turns out overpaying extra money for pads. (I asked the dealer why all Chevrolets have MOT after 15 thousand km, and on Kobolt after 10 thousand km, they said that the motor is from the Daewoo Nexia and the UZBEK assembly, so you need to check the condition of the car more often. The closest competitors in the price category are Renault Logan, Daewoo Gentry, Chance. more And what do we get in this budget car for our money? And we don’t get full power accessories, but with heated seats, which is very nice in the cold season, we also have air conditioning available, without climate control, but we won’t show thanks for that claims to "budget" and
even the built-in radio with a very pleasant sound, the sound is really very pleasant, which cannot but please on long trips! A little about the interior, it is very perky here and just with the whole instrument torpedo, it tries to show that the car has a sporty character, the tachometer scale and the speedometer markings are made in the "moto-style" steering wheel, as already in older models, is the same, as well as the key itself, which gives the similarity of the family and does not deprive the driver of younger models. The choice for cobalt fell on its low price and excellent parameters that meet my requirements. And this car is already the 2nd generation, which was launched as a replacement for the Chevrolet Lacetti. Further, according to the adjustments in the cabin, it is simply a "transformer" for its class, and most importantly, it is simply huge, there is simply plenty of space in the car! This is one of the "horses" of the car. By the way, Cobalt has just a delightfully soft suspension, the car simply swallows all the bumps and goes through "all the hardships and hardships" of our roads. Guys, I got it, I bought Koba on your advice, I took the simplest base without ABS, I ride it in a taxi, now the mileage is 20 thousand, I have to sell it, it turned out to be very expensive to maintain: Brake pads without ABS were worn out after just 20 thousand km, although the car is on MT, and I drive mainly by engine braking (before that there was a logan, it was enough for 45 thousand km, and they are in every store) to Koba, only on order and only the original (there are no others), even the Dealer didn’t have it, now the car is laid up, I’m waiting for the pads, they will come in a week. Suspension, and landing high. But Avieo is more youthful, and Cobalt is ideal for taxi drivers. In the city, the appetite increased to 8.3 liters with measured driving and alternating traffic lights. But still, in addition to the design of the front end, there are bigger minuses, this is not a very high-torque motor, sometimes you have to turn it hard to go for the next overtaking, and all this is a fee for efficiency, the car during our test managed to eat 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers at a speed of 90 km / h. Went for a fucking Logan, but bought Koba. Went for a fucking Logan, but bought Koba. Consumption on the highway showed 5 liters, 92 gasoline, at a speed of 115 km / h, 3000 rpm, in 5 gears. Didn’t freeze in the city. The interior is in the American style, as well as the "muzzle". 06.11.2013 An ideal car for taxi drivers. 09/13/2013 The choice fell on cobalt for its low price and excellent parameters that meet my requirements. But if the "Lacetti" at least looked somehow ordinary for an ordinary user, then the "Cobalt" with its "extraordinary" appearance is not easy to understand. My impression is that the car is excellent for the money. The ideal car for taxi drivers. I’m trudging. Oddly enough, but the Chevrolet Cobalt has a very close price competitor among Chevrolets – the Chevrolet Avieo. The front of the car resembles a Chevrolet Cruze, and an elegant trunk in the back)) However, the design of this car is completely finished and original, which, for example, cannot be said about the Lada Grant. The closest competitors in the price category – Renault Logan, Daewoo Gentra, Chance – Chevrolet Cobalt wins in terms of fuel consumption. All sorts of snickering auto woodpeckers will yell that Aveo is cooler and all that, but when I was in the cabin – Aveo s. more Maintenance is expensive, and it turns out that it needs to be done every 10 thousand km, and on Logan it was after 15,000 km, i.e. here I have to go to the dealer 3 times for 30,000 km, and I went to Logan only 2 times during the same period, i.e. And that is not all. Well, summing up, the car rightfully deserves attention in its segment. General characteristics of the Chevrolet Cobalt LT Engine: 1.5 lPower: 105 liters Cargo volume: 520 l Estimated fuel consumption city: 7.9-8.5 liters Estimated fuel consumption on the highway: 6.3-7.3 liters One thing is good that when the rear shock absorber for 9000 thousand mileage, they changed it for free under warranty, though I waited a month, because again in
not available anywhere. Also, the driver’s seat has height adjustment. I got the version of the norm, or as the manufacturer calls it "LT", but with a gun, it’s not strange. I also like the design, here the interior is rustic, like in Lanos. The design is in no way inferior to Renault Logan and even has a certain zest peculiar only to Chevrolet. I’m trudging. Of course, the Brazilians may have contributed with their design concepts, so we won’t strictly focus on this, what attention is immediately drawn to, so it’s just on a huge radiator grill, it is so pronounced that it seems to claim that the Cobalt car is a class higher than it actually is. So, as my brother immediately told me, "You DO NOT need SUCH A CAR BROTHER". In fact, this car came to me for a test drive, I definitely wanted to try this car, because in its price segment, cars with such large dimensions. very reminiscent of the "c" class is very small. The salon is very spacious. Smooth ride, excellent handling, cool noise isolation. My 2-meter friend sits freely in the back. Roomy trunk and low fuel consumption. 10/27/2013 in the cabin, complete simplicity, the eyes do not stop at more than one sophistication of this car, from personal experience I can say that the car is very suitable for families. more All sorts of snickering auto woodpeckers will yell that the Aveo is cooler and all that, but when I was in the cabin, the Aveo cost as much as 60 tr. expensive. And in my work, idle time is not acceptable. The machine is good if you remove the minor troubles that I describe below. The driver is 185 cm tall, sitting down behind himself leaves a whole fist in his knees. Roomy trunk and low fuel consumption. Consumption on the highway showed 5 liters, 92 gasoline, at a speed of 115 km / h. more I have already come for diagnostics seven more times, three times the check burned, twice there was a knock in the suspension, (they said the same disease as Cruz’s – THE SUPORT ROUNDS, measure yourself, the music is louder, once it did the collapse, the front tires ate after 2 thousand km.

Chevrolet Cobalt tips

I’m bastard.

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